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August "Bright Future" Webinar with J.P. Morgan

August "Bright Future" Webinar with J.P. Morgan

Wednesday, August 18, 2021

7:00p - 8:00p EST

Zoom Webinar


Meera is responsible for delivering timely market and economic insights to institutional and retail clients, conducting research on the global economy and capital markets, and running econonic forecasts. She is also responsible for publications such as the Guide to the Markets, and is a contributor to the J.P. Morgan Long-Term Capital Market Assumptions.

Meera was featured as Market Watch's "Forecaster of the Month" in February 2020.

  • Economic growth and the composition of GDP
  • Unemployment and wages
  • Inflation
  • The Fed and interest rates
  • Equity market correlations and yields
  • Corporate profits and sources of total return
  • Value vs. Growth
  • International equity earnings and valuations
  • Asset class and returns
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