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Bright Future Webinar - Cyber Crime & Identity Theft

Bright Future Webinar - Cyber Crime & Identity Theft

Wednesday, March 15, 2023

6:30p - 7:30p EST

Zoom Webinar


Through our resources we can schedule Jeff to spend time talking with us about real world risks, what to watch for and what not to "click"!

Send this invite to family and friends!  We would love if you can join this zoom online seminar with your elderly parents, age-appropriate children, and I am sure you know who else needs to tune or zoom in. This is an especially important piece of the puzzle with the risk of being out there.

"Click here" to read who Jeff Lanza is? What will you learn by attending?


Please join and share this informational webinar with your family and friends.

 "Knowledge is Power!"

We look forward to seeing you on our webinars!

Experience the Dynasty Difference...  We Care. 

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