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In July's Spotlight! Our Connection with Commonwealth

In July's Spotlight! Our Connection with Commonwealth

Wednesday, July 14, 2021

7:00p - 8:00p EST

Webinar - GotoMeeting


And who are Andrew Daniels and Kol Chu Birke at Commonwealth?

Andrew is the head of business development, overseeing the Field Development and Transition Teams and the Marketing department.

Kol drives the technology and strategy initiatives, ensuring that we're providing our advisors with the tools and support that will help them care for all aspects of their clients' financial lives.


  • How does Commonwealth support Dynasty Advisors and our clients?
  • What does it mean to be independent?
  • Honors
  • Technology at a Glimpse
  • Making a profound difference
  • How are you protected? FINRA

Dynasty Advisors partnership with Commonwealth Financial Network®, the nation's largest privately held independent RIA-Broker/dealer, provides us access to a team of investment research specialists. Each of the professionals on the team brings a breadth of experience in the industry and within/his/her own specialization. 

Our goal with our Bright Future webinars is to introduce you to the portfolio managers and strategists, or our partners at Commonwealth who we communicate with. It is a pleasure sharing a conversation with them and you on our webinars. 

Please continue to join and share our informational webinars with your family and friends.

It all starts with a conversation... And Leads to a Plan. 

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